When TouchDraw is behaving in an unexpected way on a customer device, Elevenworks support may ask you to send use the Console Log.  The console log should be able to provide us more information as to what exactly is happening on your device and should be able to help us solve the issue more quickly.  

In order to provide the console log to use, you will need to download and install a special application called the iPhone Configuration Utility from Apple on your desktop or laptop computer.   Note: Even though it's called the iPhone Configuration Utility, it also work with iPads and other iOS devices.

Step 1 - Download and install the iPhone Configuration Utility. 

Depending on the operating system that you use on your computer, you will need to download the appropriate version of the iPhone Configuration Utility: 

After you have downloaded the installer, run it on your computer to install the Utility.

Step 2 - Connect your iPad

Launch the iPhone Configuration Utility and plug your device into your computer.  On the left hand side, look for the DEVICES section.  Your iPad should appear there after a few seconds and then you should click it to select it. 

iPhone Configuration UtilityScreenSnapz005.png

Step 3 - Copy the Console Log to your computer

When you select your iPad in the DEVICES section, you should see 5 tabs across the top of the main panel on the iPhone Configuration Utility window.  The tab titled Console


Clock the Save Console As... button in the bottom right corner of the Console tab to save a copy of the log to your computer.  Choose a place where you can easily find it again, like your Desktop.

Step 4 - Email the console log

Attach the saved console log to and email it to ipad@elevenworks.com or attach it to a reply email to one of your emails with Elevenworks support.