TouchDraw 1.1

New Features
   * Added the ability to create connected graphs to support creating things like flow charts, etc...
   * Added the ability to maintain aspect ratio when resizing figures using the bounds handles.  
   * Added support for swapping the toolbar location for left handed users.
   * Added an arrangement menu to allow fine control of the figure position.
   * Added the ability to convert any shape into a path.
   * Added the ability to close an open path and make it into a shape.
   * Added the ability to fill an open path.
   * Added ability to control the opacity of all shapes and images.
   * Added the ability to hide the handles and highlighting the shapes to make it easier to move shapes.
Useability Enhancements
   * Can now close path by tapping on the start point.
   * The "function key" feature can remain enabled through tool changes.
   * Gracefully handles malformed TouchDraw documents.
       - Shows a warning icon in the document chooser.
       - Shows an alert view notifying the user that the document can't be opened.
   * Undo/redo now works at the segment level for the create path tool.
   * Added a button to the left toolbar to bring up the contextual menu, saving the user from having to do a long press.
 Bug Fixes
   * Shadows weren't being displayed for the text figures.
   * Items could not be locked in all cases.
   * Fixed a bug where exiting the editor while editing a path would cause a crash.
   * Fixed a bug where adding empty path in the drawing could corrupt the drawing when it was saved.
   * Fixed an issue with vertical text alignment.
   * Fixed an issue sending drawing as PDFs.