TouchDraw 1.2

New Features
   * Added the ability to create and use libraries of custom shapes and stencils.
   * Added the ability to flip shapes and groups both horizontally and vertically.
   * Added the ability to add and delete handles and segments to and from an existing path.
Useability Enhancements
   * Added the ability to edit the text of nested (grouped) figures. 
   * Added a button to rotate a selected figure by 180 degrees.
   * Added a button to rotate a selected figure by 90 degrees to the right (clockwise)
   * Added a button to rotate a selected figure by 90 degrees to the left (counterclockwise)
   * Added a duplicate button to the drawing editor contextual menu.
   * Added crows feet as line decorations.
   * Started work on performance improvements (more to come in the next version)
       - Improved the rendering time of drawings.
       - Added the ability to temporarily hide shadows and gradients (which significantly improves rendering time)
       - Added a feature to disable shadows and gradients when zoomed in more than 400% (which significantly improves rendering time)
   * Worked on improvements to the image export feature
       - Added the ability to toggle if the drawing is zoomed up to fill the maximum image size.
       - Added the ability to configure the margin around an exported drawing.
       - Added the ability to export translucent PNG's.
   * Changed the default text location for a new figure to be the horizontal center and vertical center.
   * Updated the corner adjustment editor to adapt itself to the selected unit of measure.
   * Improved the loading time of preview images in the document chooser
   * Added the ability to lock the "function key" feature.
Bug Fixes
   * Text attributes (font, size, etc...) weren't being copied when a shape was converted to a path.
   * Fixed a bug where resizing a group using the adjustment menu would incorrectly resize the items in the group.
   * Fixed a bug where the drawing previews weren't be drawn perfectly square, thus making the images look slightly stretched.
   * Fixed a bug where zoom to fit wouldn't work directly after converting a shape to a path.
   * Fixed a bug where undoing a cubic curve segment of a new path could leave the undo stack in an inconsistent state.
   * Fixed a bug where a group would be incorrectly rotated using the "angle" item in the adjustment menu.