TouchDraw 1.3.4

New Features
   * Added support for folders.
   * Added the ability to export drawings at custom sizes (with no size limitation).
   * Added the ability to name stencils.
   * Added an option to explicitly save a drawing while in the editor.
   * Added a command to fit a curve to an existing path of connected line segments.
   * Added additional sample drawings.
Useability Enhancements
   * North, South, East and West figure handles can now be dragged to flip a shape.
   * Added visual indication that the "Drawings" button contains additional options with long press.
   * Enabled the adjustment menu to be able to set a line width or height to 0.
Bug Fixes
   * Fixed an issue when flipping (horizontal and vertical) rotated objects.
   * Fixed an inconsistancy in formatting decimal numbers in editor.
   * Fixed an issue with selecting paths while at a very low zoom level.
   * Fixed an issue in displaying a color in the color picker.
   * Fixed an issue that would prevent the preview from regenerating in some cases.