TouchDraw 1.5.1

Usability Enhancements


   * Added a new (on by default) "Fast Move and Resize" mode. 

   * Improved the handling of the contextual menus when groups are selected.

   * Restored the "Text Margin" setting that was inadvertantly hidden in version 1.5.0


Bug Fixes


   * Fixed a regression in the Visio importer related to quadratic curves.

   * Fixed an intermittent issue sending a drawing to another app.

   * Fixed a regression where "Save as new drawing" was calling "Save" instead.

   * Fixed a potential crash that could occur while reporting an error.

   * Fixed a regression related to exporting images with transparent backgrounds.

   * Fixed a regression where the contextual menu wouldn't be dismissed after pressing "Paste"

   * Fixed an issue moving unconnected connectors as part of a selection or a group.