TouchDraw 1.3.8

New Features
   * Added support for Dropbox
   * Added a new command to split a path into individual segments
   * Added a map of Canada
Useability Enhancements
   * Added support for snapping to the endpoints of lines (and paths)
   * Added support for snapping to the midpoints of lines
   * Added the ability to export JPEG images via email and to iTunes (previously only PNG was supported)
   * Added a visual indicator when a tool is locked (in sticky mode)
Bug Fixes
   * Fixed a regression related to emailing corrupted drawings.
   * Fixed an issue in saving drawings for export.
   * Fixed an issue with copying and pasting shapes and inserting stencils that led to nested layers.
   * Fixed an issue where the last color selected wasn't remembered in some cases.
   * Fixed an issue in the document chooser when switching between grid sizes.
   * Fixed a potential issue calculating the bounds of a group containing only lines.
   * Fixes an issue with manipulating paths on iOS 4.3