TouchDraw 1.4.3

New Features
   * Added support for importing SVG files.
Usability Enhancements
   * The default behavior when editing all text is now to select all within the editor when
Bug Fixes
   * Fixed an issue that could cause a crash in low memory situations when browsing folders.
   * Fixed a regression where moving grouped shapes doesn't updated an associated connection line.
   * Fixed a regression where autosave drawings would not be visible after a crash until the iPad was restarted, or TouchDraw forcibly quit and restarted.
   * Fixed an issue exporting compound paths to Visio.
   * Fixed a memory lead related to drawing text.
   * Fixed an issue reading the angle of the gradient fills.
SVG Import Limitations
* TouchDraw does not supported an rx and ry value for rounded rectangles.  When importing a rounded rect, the rx and ry values will be averaged.
* Linear Gradients
   - Start and end positions of the gradient aren't really used.  They are used to create an Angle.
   - Gradient transformations are not supported
* Radial Gradient
   - Center point is used.  The center of the shape is used.
   - Gradient transformations are not supported.
* Text
   - Text content is only imported in SVG drawings exported from Visio.
   - Font information is not imported