TouchDraw 1.4.4

New Features
   * Added support for importing of SVG <symbol> elements
   * Added support for importing of SVG <text> elements.
   * Improved tolerance for malformed inline style declarations in SVG drawings
   * Added a new "connectable line connection" figure to easily create network hub diagrams.
Usability Enhancements
   * Replaced the "Folder" icon with a "Folders" button in the drawing chooser and flipped the order of the buttons to improve consistency with other applications.
Bug Fixes
   * Fixed an issue related to opening Visio created SVG files sent to TouchDraw from other applications.  
   * Fixed an issue importing SVG <use> elements in some files.
   * Fixed an issue importing SVG drawings with malformed path elements.
   * Fixed an issue that could cause a crash in low memory situations. 
   * Fixed an issue where the "Insert Handle" and "Delete Segment" actions would show up inadvertantly in the contextual menu.
   * Fixed an issue converting the last segment of a non-closed path to a quad or cubic curve.
   * Fixed an issue inserting handles into a rotated path.
   * Fixed an issue with exporting grouped shapes to Visio where the formula to resize them was erroneously ommitted.
   * Fixed a regression exporting rectangle figures to Visio. 
   * Fixed an issue with the text orientation of a rotated shape that is converted to a path.
   * Fixed an issue importing SVG <textspan> elements.
   * Fixed an issue inhertiting fill color from parent elements in imported SVG documents.  
   * Fixed an issue where DropBox settings would be lost between upgrades.
   * Fixed an issue moving a the path handle of a rotated path which caused the shape's location to change inadvertantly.
   * Fixed an issue persisting a text margin value of 0     
   * Fixed an issue importing SVG arc path segments.