TouchDraw 1.4.6

Note: For all of you that have asked, Visio import support will be coming in the next version!

New Features
* Added the ability to paste textual clipboard content into drawing as a new text shape.
* Added a new menu option in the contextual menu to invert the selection.
* Added a new menu option in the contextual menu to clear the selection.
* Added a new "Paste Style" contextual menu option to paste/apply the style of the copied figure onto the selected figure(s).
* Added the ability to evenly distribute figures both horizontally and vertically.
* Added support for pasting TIFF and BMP images into a drawing.
* Added new vector icon shape libraries.
* Added support for editing the start and end points of gradient fills.

Usability Enhancements
* Added the ability (using the function key feature) to insert a stencil at 0,0 within the drawing.
* Added a new "dash dot dot" line style.
* After creating a text figure the keyboard is automatically shown to allow you to enter text right away.

Bug Fixes
* Fixed an issue moving a polygon handle on a rotated shape.
* Fixed an issue resizing a rotated shape with an modified center of rotation.
* Fixed an issue changing the center of rotation of a rotated figure.
* Fixed an issue when reseting the center of rotation. 
* Fixed an issue importing SVG files exported by Visio. 
* Fixed an issue that prevented the "Print" option from showing up on some devices. 
* Fixed an issue resizing a shape with a side handle when the center of rotation has been changed.
* Fixed an issue resizing nested and rotated grouped figures.
* Fixed an issue where a path shape could get inadvertantly selected.
* Fixed an issue opening received files with non-english characters in the name.
* Fixed an issue converting text to paths with some fonts.
* Fixed a regression with loading layers.