TouchDraw 1.4.9

Usability Enhancements
   * Added improved icons to the file lists to provider users better visual feedback on the type of file.
Bug Fixes
   * Fixed an issue deleting directories from DropBox. 
   * Fixed an issue resetting the fill paint that could cause an unexpected error.
   * Fixed an issue trying to set the fill angle of a text figure.
   * Fixed an issue calculating the connection point of a stencil (only impacted some imported Visio stencils)
   * Fixed an issue exporting drawings to SVG that use custom fonts.
   * Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when attempting to add a folder to DropBox when there is intermittent network connectivity.
   * Fixed a regression that prevented TouchDraw from restarting into the last drawing being edited.
   * Fixed an issue that could cause an error when a user deleted a file or folder within iTunes right before trying to open it.
   * Fixed an issue editing the gradient locations on rotated figures.