TouchDraw 1.4.11

New Features


   * Added support for

   * Added a map of Australia to the sample drawings.

   * Added an overlay to edit the length and angle of a line.


Usability Enhancements


   * Improved support for mirroring on higher resolution VGA displays.

   * Enhanced the SVG importer to treat root group elements as layers.

   * Enhanced the SVG importer to import embedded PNG images.

   * Added better visual feedback when copying or moving files.


Bug Fixes


   * Fixed an issue calculating the size of the text of a dimension line.

   * Fixed an issue exporting text with variables to SVG and Visio drawings.

   * Fixed the Visio exporter to add support for setting the background color the text associated with a line.

   * Fixed an issue that would occur when attempting to export an empty image.

   * Fixed an issue importing SVG files with trailing definitions.

   * Fixed an issue laying out multi-line text blocks.

   * Fixed an issue importing SVG files created by Illustrator.