TouchDraw 1.6.0

New Features


   * Added a new "Open Path" command to the Adjustment menu.

   * Added support for custom OpenType fonts.

   * Added a new option to shift pixels by .5 when exporting to a bitmap image.

   * Added support for splitting a path at the location of any handle.


Usability Enhancements


   * Various performance enhancements.

   * Added an option to turn off the background shadows of the handles.

   * Added a better alert message when a user tries to rename a file to an invalid name.

   * Fixed a usability issue where renaming a file name wouldn't scroll the table when the keyboard was shown.

   * Added the ability to edit the radius of a circle in the Adjustment menu.

   * Improved memory usage in situations where the same bitmap image is used multiple times in a drawing.

   * Improved loading and saving of drawings with embedded bitmap images.

   * Improved the general usability and performance of the drawing editor when embedded bitmaps are used.

   * Improved the time to load the stroke, fill and text views.

   * Added a new "Half Size" mode for the stroke, fill and text pickers. (iOS5 users only)

   * The Visio sheet name is now appended onto the name of the drawing when importing VDX files.


Bug Fixes


   * Fixed an issue using the "join paths" command on rotated paths.

   * Fixed an issue deleting WebDAV connections that were no longer reachable.

   * Fixed an issue importing scaled Visio diagrams.

   * Fixed an issue exporting imported Visio diagrams with small and dense embedded EMF templates to SVG.

   * Fixed an issue registering too many undo events when deleting a path handle.

   * Fixed an issue importing embedded images in Visio files where the position would be wrong.

   * Fixed an bug where connected graphs in duplicated layers were no longer connected after layer duplication.

   * Fixed a regression introduced in version 1.5.1 related to the external display feature.

   * Fixed an issue renaming drawings right after they were duplicated.

   * Fixed a bug with the "Save as New" function.

   * Fixed an issue scrolling to the rows in a table to be edited.

   * Fixed an issue converting a shape to a path where the text would be lost.

   * Fixed an issue where 1 action did not equal 1 undo steps.

   * Fixed an issue calculting the size of the drawing to be exported, which could lead to blurred exports.

   * Fixed a regression where the text margin couldn't be set.

   * Fixed an issue swapping the of gradients with multiple stops.

   * Fixed an issue where a path handle couldn't be inserted into the last segment of a closed path.