TouchDraw 1.9.0

New Features
  • Added a star shape tool.
  • Added the ability to (optionally) isolate the layers.
  • Added the ability to (optionally) auto-select the layer of the selected shape.
  • Added the ability to (optionally) prompt for a name for a newly added layer.
  • Added a new tool to zoom into the area defined by the selection rectangle.
  • Added a the ability to do an "option drag" to create a duplicate of the selected objects.
  • Added an option to restore/reinstall the default libraries and sample drawings.
  • Added the ability to search for local drawing files by name (through all folders).
  • Added the ability to specify a margin (in pixels) when exporting to PDF and when printing.   
Usability Enhancements
  • Added the ability to specify a border size for exported SVG drawings.
  • Added the ability to export SVG drawings with no background color (when the background color of the drawing is fully transparent). 
  • The grid visibility is now a drawing level setting, not an application level settings.
  • When exporting only the selected portion of a drawing, the exported file will now use the name of the drawing as a starting point.
Bug Fixes
  • Several fixes specific to changes iOS 6.
  • Fixed an issue using the selection rectangle with rotated shapes.
  • Changed the way keyboard events are handled.
  • Fixed a potential issue deleting figures with connector lines connected to them.
  • Added support for exporting radial gradients to Visio.
  • Added some missing arrow head mappings in both the Visio importer and exporter.
  • Fixed a rare error that could occurring opening the drawing editor.
  • Fixed several floating point precision errors in curve calculations.
  • Fixed an issue when trying to send an email message from within TouchDraw when no email accounts are configured.
  • Fixed an issue restoring a backup from a cloud storage service.
  • Fixed an issue with the SVG importer related to inherited styles.