TouchDraw 1.7.0

New Features 
   * Added retina artwork and full support for the new iPad.
   * Added support for the Cregle iPen.
   * Added an option to disable text rendering during pan and zoom operations to improve performance (enabled by default for 1st generation iPad users).

Usability Enhancements
   * Improved the toolbar UI for left handed users.
Bug Fixes
   * Fixed an issue exporting PDF's to scale.
   * Fixed an issue where fractional sizes wouldn't display for inches and feet in some cases.
   * Fixed a copy/paste ordering issue when copying selected objects from different layers.
   * Fixed an issue importing transformed paths in SVG files.
   * Improved the SVG importers tolerance of improperly specified TSPAN elements.
   * Fixed an issue setting the scale of imported Visio drawings in Millimeters and Feet.
   * Improved the importing of NURBS in Visio drawings.
   * Fixed an issue working with selected shapes that span layers.
   * Fixed an issue ungrouping a group on another layer.
   * Fixed an issue separating some paths that were importing from SVG drawings.
   * Fixed an issue where importing a Visio drawing that could lead to a crash.
   * Fixed a bug setting the bounds of a group containing a nested circle figure.
   * Fixed a bug where text with an unclosed brace would not display.
   * Fixed an issue exporting text with variables to SVG drawings.
   * Fixed an issue exporting a drawing to Visio in units other than Inches.