TouchDraw 1.7.1

New Features
   * Added the ability to control if both the size and/or the attributes (text size, stroke size, etc...) of a figures are scaled using the "scale by" command.
   * Added the ability to import the font and font style (bold or italic only) used in Visio (VDX) drawings.
Usability Enhancements
   * Added the ability to disable (or configure) the automatic image downscaling.
   * Improved the text rendering performance by as much as 6x for most cases.
   * Improved the rendering performance of drawings that contain nested connectors.
Bug Fixes
   * Fixed an issue calculating fractional values for the text area variables due to floating point precision.
   * Improved the tolerance of the SVG importer for unexpected values in the "stroke-dasharray" attributes.
   * Added support in the SVG importer for "stroke-miterlimit" attributes.
   * Fixed an issue where the drawings chooser could get out of sync after renaming a duplicated drawing.
   * Fixed an issue where certain JSON strings in a text editor wouldn't be formatted correctly.
   * Several enhancements to reduce memory usage.
   * Fixed an issue with the Visio importer that could cause a crash with nested connectors.
   * Fixed an issue a redraw issue with nested decorated paths that had been resized. 
   * Fixed an issue with the Visio importer related to grouped connected figures.
   * Fixed an issue that could cause TouchDraw to crash when opening a hand edited drawing file.