Version 1.3

Usability Enhancements

  • Improved the warning messages when users try to save files where they do not have the required permissions.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue loading the stencils when opening a new window when the default library is not "Shapes".
  • Fixed an issue with the SVG importer related to inherited styles.
  • Fixed an issue where the zoom to origin wasn't resetting the zoom levels popup menu value.
  • Fixed an issue activating the color wells.
  • Fixed an issue opening documents with unexpected file names.
  • Fixed an issue pasting an image into the drawing under certain conditions.
  • Added some missing error message translations/descriptions.
  • Fixed an issue where some expected errors would be reported as unexpected errors.
  • Fixed a regression is applying rotation on nested objects.
  • Fixed an issue with the SVG importer where it would import empty groups.
  • Fixed an issue where arrowheads weren't being pasted when using the "Paste Style" command.
  • Fixed an issue calculating the scale of imported Visio diagrams using the metric scale.